Between The Rock and Hard Places

Today’s Guest: Stephanie Grams The National Association of Christian Women Leaders Editorial Team is happy to feature guest blogger, Stephanie Grams, as she shares “Her God Story” with us today. Between The Rock and Hard Places Hello! I’m Stephanie Grams and am excited to share my testimony with you. I am married with 6 children: 4 […]

When Jesus Joined the Mess of My Ordinary Life

At twenty-one years old, I had been married, divorced, and remarried, had a two-year-old and another baby on the way. My teenage years, fueled by insecurities born of loss, the impact of alcoholism, and a sometimes violent household propelled me forward without a real plan. When my high school sweetheart asked me to marry him, […]

When God Leads You to Surrender

My life, today, is completely different from what I imagined it would be when I was standing at the altar joining Michael, the love of my life, in marriage on October 11, 1998. In the weeks leading up to our wedding, during our marriage counseling sessions, we had discussed our future plans to start our […]

Choose to Live Life Uncaged

The Enemy’s schemes is to cage us in with the pains and struggles of the past. At every turn he whisper’s you’re not enough. Today’s God Story is from Author and Speaker, Mary DeMuth who has broken free by the power of Jesus to live life uncaged.   Please be sure to check out Mary’s […]

God’s Exit Strategy Trumps Ours

The following video is an excerpt of the Ft. Myers Chapter of the National Association of Christian Women Leaders. In this video you’ll hear the God story of Cindy Kinney and the journey of deep grief she survived after the death of her beloved husband of 28 years. Many women will connect with the pain […]

Where Anxiety Failed Me, The Almighty was Faithful

God Uses All Things   And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. ~Romans 8:28 NLV~   For many years I struggled to find my “fit” in service to God in reaching out to help others. […]

Out of Difficulties Grow Miracles

Think back a moment to a childhood experience you have observed – with your own child or someone else’s – the toddler going through separation anxiety. Mom leaves the room and they can cry for what seems like hours. Whether they are tired, hungry or scared this little one will run to their mommy for […]

Longing to Be Daddy’s Lil Princess

I was the quiet kid, the introverted kid I usually say. Didn’t have a lot of friends, was as shy as a turtle putting it’s head back into its shell for safety. Born and raised in Clearwater, FL all I had was my mom, grandma, and aunts. With all that the strength those women had, […]

God’s Grace Shining Through the Cracks

I was six years old when my father went to prison. I didn’t understand what was happening; I was told that he was away for work. In a sense, his “work” as a bookie had taken him away. My mom took me to visit him twice a month. I remember being frisked when I would […]