Moving Out

The Moving Out section provides encouragement and support for women who are moving out into the areas where God has called and equipped them to lead. Mainly, these areas of leadership are as follows.

1. Business
2. Local Church
3. Local Community or Neighborhood
4. International Missions
5. Home

While the above are in no particular order—and depending on your phase of life, you could fall in multiple or different areas—the point of the Moving Out category is that you are serving where God has called you. While you may or may not feel that where you are is your life’s purpose, it is your purpose during this season. And regardless of what area you serve, you need support, encouragement, and inspiration to continue serving at full capacity. To read articles posted on this site about the Moving Out category click here.

Daily Greatness

Daily Greatness

Whether it's personal, business or fitness this Daily Greatness Journal will help you keep focused, on track and moving out towards the goals God has placed on your heart. We love this journal so much we've become an affiliate partner with them.

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