Moving Up

As we begin to heal and escape from those things that have held us back and kept us hostage (Moving On), we are able to see potential and a brighter future filled with the opportunities God has placed before us. While chaos can still be present when we enter this next stage, Moving Up, it generally stems not from unhealthy relationships but from poor habits or lack of discipline.

Symptoms in this category include feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and perhaps even burned out. These symptoms aren’t a result of any particular relationship but a result of the sheer volume of what we are trying to accomplish on any given day. The Moving Up category helps us get it together so that we can focus on maintaining balance, discover our purpose, and strengthen mind, body, and spirit. Growth in these areas allows us to walk courageously and unencumbered into the call of leadership God has for us. These growth areas include the following.

1. Self-care, Time Management and Organization Skills
2. Financial Management
3. Personality, Strengths and Purpose Discovery
4. Thought Management
5. Effective Self-leadership
6. Effective Communication Skills (including handling conflict and boundaries)

Once we grasp our goals and purpose, we can begin to live those out and minister to others who need encouragement, challenge, and help finding their own purpose. To read articles posted on this site about the Moving Up category click here.

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