Share Your God Story

Every believer has a God story. The story of how the God of the Universe reached down into their lives and changed their story with His love. We believe the authentic sharing of our stories draws us together as women. The enemy is very adapt at shaming us into keeping our stories to ourselves, feeding us the lie that it’s too horrible to share and that we are the only one. Fear is his #1 tactic and it comes in a thousand different whispers. Truth is we are not the only one. God has shown His redeeming grace to many and I believe it is through the sharing of our God story that we step out of the darkness and let our lights shine. Shine so that others can also experience God’s amazing grace.

Here are the guidelines for sharing your God story:

-Posts should be authentic and first hand experience.
-Posts are for the encouragement, support and inspiration of women in the body of Christ. Colossians 3:1-17 gives clear direction of what we should put off and what we should put on. In addition your work should be reflective of a woman walking in the fruit of the Spirit.

No professional writing, video, etc. experience required. However, if you are a writer, speaker, or musician you are welcome to include one hyperlink per post back to your own site.

Email your God story along with a personal photograph if you like. Please title the email “Her God Story Request” and include the name you would like used in the post. If the delicacy of your testimony or story warrants it you may use a pen name. Thank you for your patience. This blog is a labor of love and not a paid service. Your post will happen in due time. Expect it to be God’s perfect timing.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t let fear hold you back. Step out boldly in faith and see what fabulous things God has in store. Sharing your story has the power to change a life; perhaps even your own.