Moving On

The woman who feels continually plagued by life’s problems is best suited for the Moving On category. If all the attributes of this phase could be summed up in one word it would be unhealth. Unhealth means that physically, emotionally, mentally, and/or spiritually (sometimes it’s one area, but oftentimes all the areas are interwoven and connected), a person is unhealthy. The Moving On category is about seeking healing, health, and wholeness for women who need to overcome pains and struggles. Often women think they have moved on because the pain is a date on the calendar behind them, however the impact of that pain daily will affect the way they communicate, their confidence, their emotions, fears, habits and many other factors. Often women in this category have difficulty formulating a vision for their life. While they may set goals they frequently find the same goals unmet repeatedly. The Moving On category helps women begin to walk confidently in who they are and experience the freedom a life in Christ provides. Areas for growth include:

1. Loss (death, divorce, and abandonment)
2. Abuse (of all kinds)
3. Health/Diet
4. Addictions & Disorders
5. Establishing Healthy Boundaries
6. Self-esteem (identity in Christ)
7. Christian Faith/Spiritual Disciplines Basics
8. Spiritual Roadbloacks (removing unforgiveness, worry, doubt, bitterness, etc.)

As we begin to heal and escape from those things that have held us back and kept us hostage (those things in the Moving On section), we are able to see potential and a brighter future filled with the opportunities God has placed before us. To read articles posted on this site about the Moving On category click here.

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