Your NACWL Membership

Are you ready to step out of the box society has placed you in and unite with like minded women of faith? Are you ready to throw off those things that hold you back and unleash the woman leader God has called you to be? Are you ready to live an authentic, courageous and generous life fighting the injustice that God has purposed you for? Together WE CAN change the world!


A membership with NACWL is an investment in yourself, an investment in creating a safe community for your sisters in Christ and an investment in your sisters around the world. President John F. Kennedy once said “A rising tide lifts all boats.” His reference was that when the general economy rises all participants in the economy benefit. I believe that by raising up women leaders —building dignity, self-respect, and confidence—we will also raise up the dignity and the respect for all women around the world.

In addition to helping raise the tide you’ll receive the following with your NACWL annual membership:

Membership Includes:

  • Weekly newsletter – weekly you’ll receive inspiration and resources to help you along your journey to move on, move up and move out into the call of leadership God has for you
  • Free copy of book that is the manifesto for NACWL called Created to Lead – A fresh perspective for women seeking God’s path and their highest potential by NACWL Founder
  • 10% discount on NACWL products/classes
  • Access to monthly coaching call titled Get Moving! Join an hour long coaching group that provides motivation, inspiration and accountability to help you keep pressing towards God’s call on your life.
  • Unite with other women leaders from around the country as we partner with World Vision Micro $10 of every membership goes to sponsor women from impoverished countries as they seek to grow a business to provide for their families.


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