5 Essential Elements to Personal Growth


Qualities to Develop and Advance Your Faith

God wants us to have faith and to increase our faith. But how? It’s not something we can just wish for or work up on our own. What are the essential elements to personal growth when it comes to our faith?

What is faith? Faith is an unshakable belief in God and the promises of God. Faith also involves God’s commands.

Discovering the freedom and joy that comes from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is an incredible experience. Like our own lives, our faith should also grow and mature over time.

In order for your faith to grow over time, I encourage you to take some time to thoughtfully and prayerfully consider these five essential elements to personal growth.

5 Essential Elements of Growing Your Faith

1. The Word of God

As we make the Word of God a part of our lives by reading, studying, and memorizing, we begin to grow in faith. Every Christian needs to hear the Word of God regularly. It’s important to acknowledge that we are responsible for our spiritual growth.

2. Service and involvement

Each of us has been blessed with special gifts and talents, and God has a plan for each of us to use these gifts to serve Him and to serve others. Seek these gifts and talents through faith and prayer.

3. Follow Biblical principles

A growing faith is an obedient faith. Usually, the exercise of faith will be rational, in keeping with what God wants done. We must put complete trust in the principles of the Bible and not trust our feelings. Faith is not a blind leap into the dark. Faith is following the light of God’s Word.

4. Seek and surrender

The doctrine of “seeking” the Lord is not usually emphasized, but it is biblical to search for God. “When You said, “Seek My face,” My heart said to You, “Your face, Lord, I will seek.” (Psalm 27:8). Our faith will grow as we seek God. We must constantly surrender our lives to Christ. We do this once when we are saved, but there are also subsequent times to surrender to Christ. As we yield our lives to the Lord, we are growing in grace. Paul challenged the Romans to “present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service.” (Romans 12:1).

5. Increase faith through prayer

Once we are saved, our faith is nurtured as we grow from victory to victory. God wants us to have faith in him because that pleases and glorifies him. But living faith is not something we receive like taking a vitamin pill. Faith believes that God watches over us, cares for us, and hears our prayers. We may not know how God will work things out for us. God can answer our prayers in many ways—even ways we can’t imagine! There is no limit to what God can do for us when we trust Him.

We all face trials and challenges that can be overwhelming—seemingly impossible spiritual mountains that God can move for us if we ask in faith. For “with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26).

When we successfully trust God, we learn through the experience and grow. Faith must come from our heart, which is governed by our free will. If you want to develop your faith, uniting with other like-minded women is a great way to put into practice these essential elements.  Click here to learn more about NACWL groups.

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Michele Sfakianos

Michele Sfakianos is a Registered Nurse, Certified John Maxwell Coach, Teacher, Trainer, Speaker and Award-winning Author. Michele believes that we are all a “work-in-progress” and the day we stop learning is the day we stop living. Her desire is to help women unlock their full potential and live a passion-focused life.

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