NACWL is looking to establish local groups across the United States where women of faith can gather together to support and encourage one another on their journeys to be the leaders God is calling them to be. NACWL local groups create a place where women can be authentic and grow in a non-judgmental safe environment. Local groups are led by 2 local volunteer leaders who partner together with a passion for serving women, a love for God and a desire to facilitate growth in themselves and the women they serve. God has given us a vision of raising up women leaders in every zip code.


CreateSpace is the self-publishing arm of Amazon.

Are you the Beth Moore (woman seeking to fulfill her God-given purpose) in your zip code? We would love to partner with you to help the women in your area grow into the leaders that God has called them to be.  Of course, this decision requires time to pray and process God’s leading. So we have put together a series of video’s and emails of information that will help you further understand the vision of NACWL, what an NACWL group looks like and the tools, resources and the team that will support you as an NACWL group leader.   To start the informational series, just complete the sign-up box below and within 2-3 days you’ll receive the next video in the series.  You can be confident that your email address and information will not be shared. This is not a commitment to lead and you can unsubscribe at any time you feel God is leading you in a different direction.

Not ready to lead just yet?  No worries. God’s timing is always perfect.  Click here to see if there is an NACWL group meeting in a zip code near you.


Please check back with us.


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