New Group Leader FAQ

Group Leader FAQ


Q. How many leaders/co-leaders are required for each group?
Q. How are the prerequisites to leading a group?
Q. What type of training does NACWL provide it's leaders?
Q. What resources are available thru NACWL that leaders can use as tools for personal growth as a leader? (i.e. books, CDs, videos)
Q. How often do leaders get together to plan monthly/yearly events?
Q. How often as leaders do we get together to plan and develop material?
Q. Are there coaching calls for the leaders to participate in?
Q. Will there be someone or persons that will be assigned to assist in helping new chapters when first starting up?
Q. What systems of accountability are in place for the leaders of each chapter for the protection of NACWL?
Q. How much preparation time will be involved for each meeting?
Q. How often does a group meet?
Q. What day of the week and time is best for a meeting to begin?
Q. Where do the monthly themes originate and what additional resources are available for them.
Q. What does the meeting format look like?
Q. What ideas of venues do you have to hold meetings?
Q. What is the best way to get women attend meetings?
Q. Does NACWL have life coaches available to help members find their passion and purpose and to set goals to achieve them?
Q. Are there guidelines that are in place to keep all chapters on the same page seeking the same vision as a whole?
Q. How much individuality or autonomy are group leaders allowed?
Q. Are there NACWL seminars/events, where groups from all over the country come together?
Q. As a group leader will I be responsible for creating a Facebook page for our group?