Our Belief, Our Mission & Our Vision

Our Belief

We believe Jesus when he said “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6 tweet

We believe our role as women is to live a life of servant leadership so that others will seek a relationship with God for themselves. It is not our purpose to debate theology but to model a life that would encourage others to read scripture and seek God’s purpose for their own lives.

Our Mission

The mission of NACWL is to provide a catalyst for uniting women locally in their communities and nationally online, providing women the tools and resources to grow into the leaders that God has called them to be and helping them discover their unique purpose and the injustice God has placed them on this planet to fight. Therefore, our vision is three fold

Unite Women – Grow Leaders – Fight Injustice

Our Vision to Unite Women

Our vision is a world where women see their sisters in Christ as their greatest ally. A world where women can be their authentic selves and find the encouragement, accountability and support they need to not just survive this life but to thrive.  We believe in a world where our marital, financial, or occupational status does not define us, but we find our definition in living fully into the woman of God that we have each uniquely been created to be. We believe in a world where it is not our title of mother, entrepreneur, career woman, volunteer or missionary that gives us our value but our title as daughter of the King and Ambassador (aka leader) for the Kingdom that gives us our influence. We believe that individually we may be mother, entrepreneur, career woman, community volunteer, international missionary or in ministry in the local church but together we are a mighty throng  (Psalm 68:11). Though the enemy wants to isolate us, we are stronger together. We believe in a world where women walk fully in their giftings not being held back by fear, oppression, or each other. We believe it does not serve us or God when we separate ourselves by age, income, education, race, religious denomination or marital status. We believe that when we unite ourselves as women of the Most High God fashioned for his purpose for such a time as this we are strong and unstoppable.

Our Vision to Grow Leaders

We believe that as women when we focus on God and the personal areas of growth needed to fulfill His highest call of leadership on our lives that all comparison, jealousy, and envy fades away. We believe in a world where women seek not to be better than another woman but seek to be the best version of themselves. We believe that leadership is not about position but about influence. We believe that leadership begins within and grows out from there.  Whether our influence is in a room of sticky little faces or the boardroom, our call to influence the world for Christ is the same.  We believe that when women rise up and become all that God has called them to be, that it raises the tide for women around the globe and in future generations to come.




Our Vision to Fight Injustice

Desperate Young Woman Touching Her Face. Concept Of Abuse And DeWe believe in a world where women don’t have to be subjected to oppression – rape, abuse, poverty – just because they are female. A world where babies are no longer found in the garbage can just because they are girls. Instead we believe in a world where women are empowered by God to impact the injustices against women and their children.  A world where women look out for one another and give a hand up to their sister less fortunate. We believe that as women we are called to fight injustice in the world. Just as God placed Eve in the garden to right a wrong, He has placed women on earth to right a wrong. As we grow into His call on our lives He reveals the injustice we each individually are purposed to fight. We believe our first step to victory starts in becoming aware of the issues and uniting in prayer.

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