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It all started with four friends over coffee in Spring of 2012. You never know what will happen when you get strong-minded Christian women together who have a heart for serving God. While at first it seemed like an ordinary gathering, we soon realized it was a divine appointment. We were all leaders of different women’s small groups at our church: one led marrieds, two led singles of different ages, and one led a group of diverse ages and backgrounds.

As we chatted about what was going on in our groups, one leader asked, “What do women need?”We each looked at one another with thoughtful smiles—but no answers. Finally, we moved on to easier topics, like our families, our jobs, and the exciting things on the horizon for each of us.

As our Founder left the coffee shop that day, she reflected on her own experience of discovering what she, as a woman, needed—and in particular with figuring out her purpose. Often we rely on the church to help us discover it. We think church should be an encouraging and helpful place to realize and fulfill a person’s purpose, yet from her own experience and knowing the experience of others, often the church provides the most obstacles to it. 

Her diligent prayers to answer the question "What do women need?" lasted for weeks. The prayers led to a revelation from God and proceeded to adding young millennials to the coffee shop group to further develop God's vision to provide women with all that they need to Move On, Move Up and Move Out!

By the fall of 2012 the coffee shop group had launched a small group titled Becoming a Confident Woman in Leadership. Since then the group has further fine tuned the personal growth map to help women discover their purpose and become the leaders God has called them to be. In 2015 this work became the manifesto for NACWL called "Created to Lead - A fresh perspective for women seeking God's path to their purpose and their highest potential" and the small group became the first local chapter of NACWL. Our journey is just beginning but we are so thrilled to see what God does as we 

Unite Women - Grow Leaders - Fight Injustice 


Our Board Members

Angela Brizel

Over 20 years experience in the legal industry including legal qualifications and registrations of establishing non-profits locally, state and US Government in the 501C3 process as well as bylaws. Currently Office Manager in the Law Office of Jay M. Brizel. Devoted wife, mother of two grown children and dog walker for two Golden Retrievers

Morgan Hendrix

Morgan holds a B.S. in Sociology and Psychology, and is certified and mentored by leadership guru John C. Maxwell. Morgan is a life coach, leadership trainer, and organizational consultant. Working with businesses and women in all walks of life, Morgan uses her experience and expertise to support and develop people to truly flourish in life and work.

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Karen Zeigler

Founder of NACWL and Author of Created to Lead. B.S. in Finance and 20 years in the financial industry before pursuing dream to write, speak and coach. Married 31+ years to high school sweetheart and mother to one awesome daughter. When Karen's not behind the computer she can be found hanging with the family or in the saddle on her favorite horse.

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